Why Grillbrick Studios?

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who wonder about the name of the website. Well that is a multi-faceted question with an answer that spans a large time period.


First the name Grillbrick. I was working as a cook at a restaurant in Thedford, NE that now no longer exists. Well - it’s still there but under a different name and new manager etc. The main part of the story is that I was listening to an audiobook. Well - it was technically an e-book that I had run through a text-to-speech program so I could listen to it while cleaning up. It was one of those old Forgotten Realms books with Drizzt the dark elf. I remember being amused by how the program couldn’t figure out how to pronounce his name - it kept spelling it out.

Anyway I was cleaning the kitchen getting ready to close, scrubbing the grill actually when I looked down at the tool I was using. It was a pumice stone that we called a grill-brick. I go to thinking how it would be an apt name for a dwarf, kind of tough and sturdy, and how I had always liked the dwarves' cultures in fantasy.

In that moment I created an entire character in my mind. Grillbrick - A dwarf that left his homeland to seek out his fortune. Not the monetary kind, but the kind built from memories. A somewhat tragic backstory involving his brother Warbrick and a falling out with his father. I really need to get to writing that book…

The reason I revisited it for the name of the website is the same reason I have always loved dwarves. I hate politics - always have and always will. I live under the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid, or Keep It Stupid Simple, or Keep It Simple for the Stupid, or Keep It Stupid for the Simple - you get the idea). What Grillbrick reminds me of is that concept of cutting past the BS (Brown Stuff) and the pettiness of politics that so many micro-cultures thrive on.

What kind of studio?

So that brings us back to the other part of the name - studios. A studio is defined as a workroom for artists, musicians, etc. The key concept is that of creation. I always wanted to create something. When I was a kid it I wanted to write a book, or build a computer, or a starship, or something extraordinary like that. Most recently I wanted to create video games (read my about section to find out how that went).

Grillbrick Studios is the combination of those two ideas - creating something that cuts through the BS and builds something extraordinary. So now I’m starting a blog - hoping someone out there will enjoy my ramblings. Maybe start a web serial or two here.