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About me

Where I come from My name is Jim Hessin. I am a husband, father of three, stay at home dad, sometimes dishwasher at the rest home, and avid programmer. I have a degree in game software development, not that that means anything. I like figuring things out on the computer in my spare time. I was born in St. Louis, MO. Moved in the third grade to South Texas. Moved around a bit but settled into the McAllen area for High School. Went to Pan-American University for a semester in Electrical Engineering then decided to join the military to help pay for school.


What is the point of a blog? So I’m going to start blogging now. I think the main focus of this blog is going to be me rambling about my life. Where I come from, the things that are important to me. I’m going to try and be as non-confrontational as I can, but if you get offended you can always go somewhere else. I mean this is the internet…